Since joining the Department of English in 2002, it’s been my pleasure to offer classes across the range of our teaching mission: undergraduate and graduate program in English, large general education courses, study abroad in our Film in Britain program, and the core curriculum for the Film Studies program. In Film Studies, I teach introduction to film, our two-semester film history and film theory sequences, and advanced seminars.  I also enjoy teaching courses in modern and contemporary literature, especially classes that consider literary form and politics within a competitive media environment. My teaching energies are also devoted to advising and mentoring graduate students, both in my capacity as former Associate Chair for Graduate Studies (2017-19), as director of M.A. theses, and as a member of various Ph.D. dissertation committees. I’ve been nominated for the College of Arts and Letters Teacher Scholar Award, and in 2012 was awarded the Department’s Donald Rosenberg Award for Excellence in Teaching. 

For examples of recent graduate courses, click here. For examples of recent undergraduate courses, click here.

I’ve been mostly out of the classroom since becoming chair. In the spring of 2019, I taught FLM 301: History of Film from Midcentury to the Present, and led FLM 200: The Film Collective. The Film Collective’s theme that semester was “Film School.”